Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are all about innovation! Yourtranslator is a translation agency exclusively online since 2011. Thanks to our extensive network of professional translator who are part of our team, we can meet the demand for a large number of language combinations at affordable prices. Why shouldn’t we? We don’t have the usual overhead of a conventional business! The fact that Yourtranslator was founded by three translation-savvy professionals should convince you that we are all about safeguarding the quality of your translations and fully grasp your needs.
Exhilarating, exhaustive, and exhausting are but a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when it comes to translating. The process requires rock solid knowledge of the foreign language, near-perfect knowledge of the translator’s native language, extensive research, stubborn terminology search, patience, and perseverance! Being simply able to speak and write one (or more) foreign languages does not guarantee quality translation. Professional translators are well-seasoned in translation battles and have been thoroughly trained. They have all those skills which shout out that professional translators are the ones who will come back with a translation tailor-made for you. No wonder then that our fellow translators are selected ever so carefully: it’s the only way we know we can guarantee you the quality you are after.
There is no one method of costing a translation: it could be per word, per page, per number of characters, and so on. We go with costing a translation per word of original text. It is the most common way of estimating cost in our sector, in Greece and Europe alike. Still, there are special cases when, for example, we are dealing with file formats which do not allow for a word count; or public sector official documents (certificates, attestations, residence permits, etc). In those cases, a translation can be costed per page.
When a text is very short, costing it per word does not suffice (for us or the translator) in covering the time spent on its translation. In cases such as that one, we apply an affordable minimum fee so that we can undertake translation of your text and give it the attention it deserves! Examples of such texts are less-than-a-page and one-page documents, certificates, attestations, residence permits, and so on.
Translators holding a degree from the Ionian University’s Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpretation are entitled by Presidential Decree 169/2002 (GG 156A) to validate translations officially. More specifically, among other things, the relevant Presidential Decree states: “Degree-holding translators engage in translation as their primary professional occupation, including all of the translating stages and/or issuance of any documents (public or private) or other texts on behalf of any public authority or third party, according to the legislation in effect; and are responsible for the validity of said documents’ and texts’ contents.” It also states: “Degree-holding translators and interpreters are in a position to provide their services to agencies of the public and the private sector; or act as freelance professionals always in conformance with the provisions in effect.” The majority of Greek and international public sector services accept translations certified by the seal of translators, graduates of the Ionian University’s Department of Translation. In the random cases when the service which you wish to submit your document to does not accept our translations as official ones, we resort to our collaborating attorneys who will validate your document for you.
There are no two ways about it: This is a global environment. Your target group or market, recipients of your products or services, is not confined within the narrow constraints of your country. Flawless products and services will only get you so far. What you need is a translation that sounds “natural” in the foreign language of your choice, a translation that “speaks” to your customers and attracts them to your business and its product and/or service. Your website is the “mirror” of your business. It stands to reason to invest in a flawless, flowing translation that encourages your customers to trust in you and go for your products or services. Care now for the quality of your website’s translation and your website will take care of you!
Editing by a second translator is recommended when the time comes to cross-reference your original document with its translation. It is usually carried out by a second translator once your translation has been completed. It is a method of safeguarding quality. It is particularly recommended in cases when your text is destined for publication, fulfils marketing purposes, or is of the paramount importance for your business and its outreach image. Although we exert every effort to ensure that all of our translations are of flawless quality, having them checked and edited by a second translator helps in getting a more objective and impartial view of your translation.
“Transcreation” is a relatively new term and involves adapting a message text from one language to another and still maintain its intent, style, tone, and context. It is a process popular by businesses when it comes to the translation of their advertising, marketing, and promotional material such as brochures, websites, social media posts, and other messages which, in the target language, must give rise to the same emotions they did in the source language. Transcreation is time-consuming and intensely focused. In this instance, translators become copywriters who actually rewrite your text in the target language, carefully choosing the rights words, phrases, and idioms that will attract your target group. As a process that is focused and highly specialized, it is billed at a higher rate than that of a conventional translation’s.
The time we need to complete your translation depends primarily on the volume of your project and secondarily on the degree of difficulty of your original copy, on your files’ format, and the availability of the professional translators specializing in that specific field or language. On average, a professional translator is estimated to translate 2,500 words/day and edit 5,000-7,000 words/day.
Are you looking for a translation that is customized to your needs, wishes, and expectations? We can do that only if we are in possession of as much information as possible on your company, your text’s goal, and the style you wish to see us adopt in the translation we give you. We want to be 100% certain that what you get is a translation that reflects your company’s “personality” and that will stir things up within the target group you are addressing.
We can process and translate most of the popular file formats. Still, we have a soft spot for texts that you give us in a word processing format, such as a Word file; in an Excel or html file; or even as a PDF file as long as it can be processed.
For the time being, we make available to our clients the following two services: Payment by direct bank deposit. Our bank account data is furnished on request. Payment via PayPal.